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Home Gym Moving Guide- 6 Expert Tips

The task of moving a home gym can be daunting, but also an opportunity to revamp your workout space. In this moving guide, we’ll navigate the complexities of moving fitness equipment. From protecting your equipment to optimizing your space, let’s dive into our home gym moving guide.

Decide what works in your new space and donate anything that doesn’t fit, or you don’t use. This is a great opportunity to let go of old equipment such as that dumbbell you’re not using or the squeaky elliptical from your parent’s basement. We can help you donate or recycle anything you are ready to part with.

Before moving equipment make sure to protect your floors and walls. Use sliders or mats to protect your floors. Moving blankets can be used to cover banisters, doors/doorways, and walls to avoid scratches or dents.

Remove all weights from the peloton, water bottles from the treadmill, etc. These items need to be secured before moving equipment. This prevents damage during transit.

Safety is important when moving heavy equipment. Lift with your legs instead of your back. Get assistance for heavy items. You can also use dollies to transport heavy equipment.

Take pictures during disassembly to ensure everything is put together correctly. Refer to your labels and assembly instructions as needed. Take time to make sure everything is in its correct spot and working correctly.

By following these expert moving tips, you can move your home gym as confidently as a Lifetime mover. With careful planning, packing, and organization you’ll be on your way to enjoying your home gym in your new space. We hope you enjoy your new fitness oasis!